Donate To Camp Wildcat

Since 1965, Camp Wildcat has enriched the lives of thousands of Tucson's disadvantaged youth by teaching them the value of a college education through fun and educational camps and activities. Camp Wildcat is staffed and directed entirely by University of Arizona student volunteers, and we rely on the hard work of our members at fundraising events and the generosity of our donors to keep operating and holding camps. Thank you for your support!

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit For Eligible Charities

Did you know that you can make a donation to Camp Wildcat and receive an Arizona Charitable Tax Credit (better than a deduction) on your Arizona Taxes? This is a dollar for dollar tax credit i.e. each dollar you give to CW comes off of your tax bill!

Camp Wildcat is proud to be a qualified charitable organization for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. Individuals can give up to $400 and married couples and give up to $800 per year and Arizona will give you a dollar for dollar credit on your tax liability – sometimes increasing your refund. Click here for more information.

Remember, the credit for donations made to Qualifying Charitable Organizations is separate from other Arizona tax credits such as the School Tax Credit and the Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization Tax Credit. You may be eligible to donate to all within the same tax year.

Your donations are tax-deductible since Camp Wildcat is recognized as a tax-exempt charitable organization under IRS Section 501(c)(3) with EIN 86-0643886.

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The Friends of Camp Wildcat Scholarship Endowment

The Friends of Camp Wildcat Scholarship is awarded to incoming or continuing University of Arizona students from southern Arizona who have financial need. The scholarship is funded by the Friends of Camp Wildcat Scholarship Endowment.

One of the fundamental purposes of CW taking low-income kids to camp is to encourage their ambition for higher education. The financial reality of attending the U of A prevents many from considering it. The goal of the Friends of Camp Wildcat scholarship is to aid students similar to the kids that Camp Wildcat serves: residents of southern Arizona from families with financial need.

Gifts are tax-deductible, but are not eligible for the AZ Tax Credit.

Your support of The Friends of Camp Wildcat Scholarship will support applicants by the following criteria:

  • Financial need as determined by FAFSA or another indicator of financial need.

  • Priority will be given for incoming freshmen and transfer students from Southern Arizona: Pima, Cochise, and Santa Cruz Counties.

  • Consideration will also be given for past participation in Camp Wildcat as a camper or member of the Camp Wildcat organization.

  • Full-time enrollment status (minimum of 12 units per semester).

  • Incoming freshman students must meet the admission criteria of the University of Arizona.

  • Service to Camp Wildcat will be encouraged from scholarship recipients.

  • Scholarship recipients may qualify for additional years (up to completion of the degree) if the recipient continues to maintain the eligibility criteria.