Friends of Camp Wildcat

What is Friends of Camp Wildcat?

Friends of Camp Wildcat is a non-profit organization of alumni and friends the University of Arizona student organization Camp Wildcat formed to support the objectives of Camp Wildcat (CW).

Why was FCW formed?

FCW was formed to take advantage of the 4,000+ U of A alumni who were active in Camp Wildcat in their student days, since CW was formed in 1965. The purposes are:

  • To support the mission of CW and to provide continuity to CW

  • To generate resources (funds, donation materials and auction items) for CW

  • To recognize and preserve the outstanding history of Camp Wildcat

  • To promote CW to U of A alumni, CW alumni and friends and the community

  • To provide opportunities for CW alumni and friends to network and socialize.

How is FCW organized?

On October 1, 2006, the Camp Wildcat Board approved the FCW constitution as the alumni organization of CW. An elected FCW Board of Directors and representatives from each of the CW eras serve staggered two-years terms and will serve as the coordination and decision making body of FCW.

Is FCW taking CW away from the students?

Absolutely not! CW will always continue the tradition of being a U of A student run organization that establishes is own unique mission and priorities. FCW was formed to support CW and take advantage of the resources and talents of CW alumni and friends.

How can I join?

All alumni of CW and persons wishing to support CW shall be considered members of FCW and may hold officers positions. There are no membership dues. If you'd like to volunteer, please drop us an email at!

How can I help FCW?

Everyone’s help is needed in the following ways:

  • Send a message to your CW alumni friends and tell them about FCW

  • Contribute funds or charitable gifts to the Friends of Camp Wildcat Scholarship

  • Volunteer to be an Era Representative

  • Volunteer to help with upcoming FCW Fund Raising Campaigns

  • Offer to volunteer to help FCW! Send an email to

Friends of Camp Wildcat

1309 N. Bedford Place

Tucson, AZ 85715-5615