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Friends of Camp Wildcat is now seeking applicants for the FCW Board of Directors!

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What is Friends of Camp Wildcat (FCW)?

Friends of Camp Wildcat is the alumni organization of Camp Wildcat. We work to provide support to Camp Wildcat, preserve the organization’s history, and connect past and current Camp Wildcat members.

Big Changes to the FCW Board:

In the fall of 2020, Camp Wildcat alumni voted to update the Friends of Camp Wildcat Bylaws and transform the Board structure that had been in place since 2006. The new Board will be smaller in size and scope, with five Board members providing the organizational infrastructure for flexible involvement from alumni through committees, etc. With many current Board members stepping back from leadership roles, the continuation of FCW depends on new people stepping up.

Seeking Participants for the FCW Outreach Committee:

A goal of the bylaws update was to create a sense of community among alumni, spanning geography and CW eras. If you have an idea for connecting locally or virtually with other CW people or might want to help out with those types of events/projects, consider joining the Outreach Committee. This is a flexible commitment. You will choose how you participate, based on your interest and availability!

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Board Election Information

Important dates:

  • Applications are due April 30, 2021.

  • The three-year terms for the new Board members will begin August 1, 2021.

Board Positions and Duties:


Coordinates elections, Board meetings, completion of Board duties, and committees; serves as a signer on financial accounts and as the point of contact for the UA Foundation.

Vice Chairperson

Assists with the Chairperson’s duties and other Board duties as needed; handles administrative tasks, including managing financial accounts, taking minutes, and the management of the Board email list and documents.

Camp Wildcat Liaison

Communicates with the CW Board, assists with joint events, and maintains a historical archive of CW photos and artifacts.

Communications Director

Manages the alumni email list, sends out annual communications to alumni in accordance with the communications plan adopted by the Board, manages the FCW portion of the CW website.

Outreach Coordinator

Facilitates the work of an outreach/technology support committee whose goal is to build community among alumni through in-person gatherings and social media.

What is the commitment?

  • 3-year term

  • 4 Board meetings per year (format determined by the Board; most likely virtual)

  • Completion of position-specific duties (listed above)

  • Possible assistance with events or projects led by the Board or other alumni

For more details about Board operations, please refer to the Friends of Camp Wildcat Bylaws.

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Questions? Contact us by email at:

Friends of Camp Wildcat

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