Camp Wildcat Board Meeting Minutes: 4/8/2012

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Kseniya Efremova - Chair
What I did this week:
-Filled out applications for various positions

My plans for the future:
-Go to Spring Fling
-Club renewal stuff

Things I need to discuss or share with the board:
*** Can anyone go a club renewal assembly either tomorrow or Friday at 5pm in the Rincon room?
*** Steven and Paige need people to help them set up the Spring Fling booth on Wednesday from 3-7. Let them know if you can help them out!

Greg Porter - Campus Relations
What I did this week:
-yup, that's it

My plans for the future:
-fill out chairperson application
-golf-n-stuff social thursday night (starting at 8)
-travel to Rivendell with my friend Sam while carrying the one ring
-discover the ring is not safe there, attend council of Elrond
-choose to carry the ring to Mordor to destroy it
-carry ring to Mordor, cast it in lava, save Middle Earth, score elf babes.

Items you would like on the weekly email:
-social on Thursday

-heavy workload is dumb and stuff

-Passover Dinner great success!

Lynn Garnaat - Alumni Relations
What I did this week:
Went to New York
Ate pizza
Ate bagels
Ate more pizza

My plans for the future:
Sell some scrips

Starting my homework on Sunday night
Missing Passover because I didn't start my homework until Sunday night
Post-graduation life plan freak out

New York!
Ice skating in Rockefeller plaza
Sunset cruise on the Staten Island ferry

Daniel Pike - Treasurer
What I did this week:

My plans for the future:
More things- namely of the Spring Fling and scholarship variety

Ideas for who should get Aaby:

Upstairs sink
Group projects

Seven Falls
Going to California soon

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